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Program Management and Training Services

Decades of experience and dedication make ISI’s program management team uniquely qualified to serve the complex and diverse needs of individuals seeking to improve the quality of their lives through knowledge acquisition, skills development and personal enrichment.

Through collaborative, high-level discussions with program directors, administrators and numerous partners in both the public and private sector, ISI develops and delivers carefully tailored, organization-specific training programs.

ISI serves program administrators, adult learners, veterans, educators, instructional lab coordinators and  counselors through:

·         providing staffing services,

·         implementing software-based interventions,

·         delivering customized training programs,

·         presenting best practices models,

·         conducting program evaluations, assessments and

·         delivering ongoing site support.

ISI’s program management and training team utilizes a hands-on approach through a combination of        web-conferencing, remote access technologies, and a dedicated on-site presence. Training is delivered          in classrooms, learning centers and any location with Internet access.


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